Welcome to a glimpse inside of Whiteash Foodbank in Marion, Illinois where we are diligently serving food to our community.  In fact, we don't ask any questions.  If someone comes to our Foodbank it is assumed they need an extra smile, perhaps a listening ear, or just affirmation that it's going to be ok!  Always knowing that at anytime - our own personal circumstances could change, and it could be any of us in need of food!  That's a humbling thought, with a lot of truth to it.  Everyone is welcome at Whiteash Foodbank, no judgement or questions - Just a happy smile, a car load of groceries, and a hearty, "You come back anytime!"

Whiteash Foodbank started April of 2018 feeding 300 people with 34 volunteers.  Currently we have grown to feed over 1,200 people a month, and we average 80 volunteers.  Cars start lining up for food around 2:30 am.  Last month, at 5:30 am we already had 34 cars.  We don't open until 10:00am  It's quite heartbreaking to see how the need for food has grown over the last 4 years.  We are delighted that we can be a part of helping each and every person!!